CRYSTAL- "My daughter loves Joey Jig Music classes. We do a lot of classes during the week and Joey Jig is her favourite. Alicia is so welcoming and engaging, she has that charismatic star quality which you need in order to hold the attention of babies and toddlers! We highly recommend Joey Jig".

KARINA W- "We started going to Joey Jig when my youngest daughter was 10 months and my two girls have loved it for the almost 4 years we’ve been attending.

Alicia is such a talented musician and entertainer and is always warm and friendly to the kids. She knows how to engage her audience and fits a diverse range of activities from music, singing, dancing, counting games, nursery rhymes into the class.

We have recommended many friends to this class and have loved supporting Alicia’s business. She creates her own songs, music and materials for the class and makes every class fun and educational".

CRISTIN K- "Both of my child have attended Joey Jig Music with Alicia. They have loved it. It’s a high energy, nurturing class where young children get to experiment with different types of instruments. They also learn about listening, taking turns, following directions, and tidying up. A great experience for littles".

BELA- "Alicia is great teacher and a musician. My daughter started attending her classes at 3 months and is now 13 months and enjoys them a lot. Alicia is really good with kids and knows how to grab their attention and also teach with lots of fun. My daughter looks forward to going to the class. Highly recommend her and is very flexible with the make up lessons too".