About Joey Jig Music

Joey Jig Music

Joey Jig music is an Australian created and owned school providing music and movement classes for babies and toddlers from 3months - 4 years. Classes include fun original themed songs composed by owner teacher Alicia to engage and entertain both Bubs and Mums. Each term we follow the seasons, learning our animals, colours, numbers, and more. We explore sound through music, discovering tempo, pitch, dynamics and rhythm. Children also gain confidence in the classroom, whilst learning, having fun and using their wonderful imaginations!

Why is music and dancing a good way for children to learn?

Early music training teaches children to really listen helping develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Linking familiar songs to new information can also help imprint information on young minds. 

Providing a rich musical environment can help with a child’s experimentation with sounds and early speech development. Children discover their singing voice and feel the beat through movement finding their rhythm through playing percussion. Dancing helps with learning spacial awareness and is a wonderful way for babies to express themselves and have fun.

Children learn about their world through the magical process of play.  Our age appropriate curriculum introduces musical concepts, fun with percussion, drama and dance using games, hand made sensory props and catchy original songs about babies every day life along with traditional songs and nursery rhymes.

Joey Jig Music was launched in February 2012 by principal Alicia Wolfe.

Alicia now teaches the joys of music to babies and toddlers in Mosman, Crows Nest, Freshwater, and Kirribilli. 

Her musical background spans the last 25 years: performing, writing, and producing popular, jazz, musical theatre and children's music in both Sydney and the U.K.  

Joey Jig and Alicia