Classes Descriptions

Fun Music Classes For Real Beginners! Joey Jig Music Classes offer an introduction to Music litle ones can easily understand and enjoy. There is plenty of singing, dancing, playing with percussion, storytime and a fun but focused early childhood education. Our age appropriate classes are 30minutes in length, each child is to be accompanied by a parent or carer. Our lesson plans engage the children whilst also being fun and entertaining for grown ups!


'Swing Swing’

3months -1year. Babies hearing is perfectly developed at 3months, our Swing Swing class explores music and gentle rhythms to engage your little ones. Classes are a wonderful bonding time for parent/carer and baby, Bubs enjoy gentle songs, playing with percussion, moving to the beat and fascinating sounds and sights for a rich sensory experience.


1 - 2years - Toddlers will love the lively 'Be-Bop' classes. Themed classes involve colourful props, dancing, story time and playing percussion with the 'Joey Jig' band. New walkers begin exploring their personal space through music and movement. Early speech development is encouraged as we experiment with sounds, whilst exploring motor and concentration skills.

‘Jump & Jive’

2 - 4 years - Exciting themed Jump & Jive classes encourage social bonds, sharing, copying, taking turns and working as a group. Dynamics, tempo, and pitch are further explored as we compose musical stories, dance and play along with the Joey Jig orchestra.  Classes are fun but focused providing high quality pre school education.